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MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR VERONICA SCOTT REVIEWED BY RK SHIRAISHI SUMMARY:  MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR is set in the far future world of the Sectors-spanning many worlds with diverse cast of humans and those of human origins. And aliens-mainly the fearsome Mawreg. Though this book MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR and the previous, ESCAPE TO ZULAIRE, do not … Continue reading

Announcement from the Office of Olde Earth Sexxoring
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Announcement from the Office of Olde Earth Sexxoring

I got this important announcement recently. Just in case your’s got stuck in the time-mail-tube, I thought I’d share. Enjoy. Charlee   Office of Olde Earth Sexxoring Commission 111 Raunchdeo Place Former State of Nebraska Avenue OE 000000123456 For Immediate Release Attention Olde Earth Citizens: Announcing the most hilarious futuristic sexxoring adventure of the century! … Continue reading